Clarity and transparency

Clarity and transparency

Payment Services Directive
Knowing how important it is to receive complete and transparent information on the cost of the execution of cross-border transfers, HSBC Bank Polska S.A. would like to inform you of proposed changes in this respect.
What is the impact of the Payment Services Directive on payments executed by HSBC Bank Polska S.A.?

In the light of changes related to the implementation of the Payment Services Directive (PSD) in the Polish legal system, HSBC Bank Polska S.A. being a part of the international group has updated processes and operating systems in accordance with the directive requirements.

As a result, transfers executed between European Union (EU) countries and within the European Economic Area (EEA) and in currencies of those countries are executed with the "SHA" charges option, i.e. the remitter is charged with only costs imposed by HSBC Bank Polska S.A. (which will be debited to the account). The existing "OUR" charges option (all costs paid by the remitter) or "BEN" option (all costs are borne by the beneficiary) will cease to be effective.

In addition, HSBC and intermediary banks will not be allowed to deduct charges payable to them from the transaction amount. Consequently, the payee's service provider will receive the entire transfer amount. The above changes shall enter into force from 1 November 2009.

Additional information

Should you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at:

  • +48 22 354 05 60 for Corporate Clients
  • +48 22 323 91 54 for Individual Clients

The territorial and currency-related scope of the Payment Services Directive

State Currency
AT Austria EUR euro
BE Belgium EUR euro
BG Bulgaria BGN Bulgarian lev
CY Cyprus EUR euro
CZ Czech Republic CZK Czech crown
DK Denmark DKK Danish krone
DE Germany EUR euro
EE Estonia EEK Estonian kroon
EL Greece EUR euro
ES Spain EUR euro
FI Finland EUR euro
FR France EUR euro
HU Hungary HUF Forint
IE Ireland EUR euro
IS Iceland ISK Icelandic krona
IT Italy EUR euro
LI Liechtenstein CHF Swiss franc
LT Lithuania LTL Lithuanian litas
LU Luxembourg EUR euro
LV Latvia LVL Latvian lat
MT Malta EUR euro
NL the Netherlands EUR euro
NO Norway NOK Norwegian krone
PL Poland PLN Polish zloty
PT Portugal EUR euro
RO Romania RON Romanian leu
SE Sweden SEK Swedish krona
SI Slovenia EUR euro
SK Slovakia EUR euro
UK United Kingdom GPB pound sterling

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